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Joe Borowsky -Music Review Artist-2nd update/New music release.

August 9, 2018.

Article written by:

Natalie Ogilvie.


Music Artists/ Reviews/Inspirational People/Blogger.

Victoria BC Canada



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Welcome to Countrynatblogs!

My next artist, is the inspirational person, who inspired myself, Natalie Ogilvie; to turn my blogs into Countrynatblogs, back in February 2018! My very FIRST Music Review Artist, ever; is back for an update/ new music review!

I’m am super honored to introduce you all to my friend and a very multi talented Canadian Music Artist! A Singer/Songwriter from London, Ontario, Canada.

Please welcome back to Countrynatblogs,


Joe, I want to Thank You for giving me hope and the writing opportunity, that has brought me to where I am now with huge success with my blogs! Thank You for trusting your music in my hands, so I can review your magnificent songs and share your music with the world! You are a gift to this world; and Thank You for your healing music, and one brilliant, groovin’ new album!

Joe’s Music News:

• Joe Borowsky has a new album coming out this Saturday August 11th, 2018, called BELIEF!!

I had a special sneak peek listen to the NEW album material; and what I can tell you is that it is moving, rich, inspiring, deep, and it’ll brighten your day. Powerful lyrics with soft chill singing and upbeat acoustic strumming notes!  Joe’s songs take me back to the nineties Rock/Grunge/Western era! Pretty amazing!

New Album: BELIEF.

Music Review:

I selected 3 songs from Joe’s new album, that I connected to right away. The whole album is soooo worth adding to your new music collection! You’ll love it!

3 songs I have reviewed:

1) LOVE:

The guitar playing in this mellow Rock song, is sweet perfection! Professionally recorded, track. Reminds me of my favorite Canadian Astronaut/Singer: Chris Hadfield meets Singer/Songwriter: Jon Bon Jovi, lyrical mix. Bongo drums in the chorus, sets the new sounds of Joe’s Original, song. Looping blend, with Joe’s background looped vocals; creates a fresh new single on one cool, Canadian Music album!


Acoustic Rock ballad. Cello strums, acoustic guitar accents. Strong lyrics share a personal story, that most of us can relate to in life. My favorite lyrics in this song: “Be strong, carry on, love of a mother.” As a Mother, I can emotionally connect to these lyrics, as I have used them myself with raising my daughters. Joe’s soothing, crisp voice, sings to my heart, in this song. Well done.


A storybook song! This piece would be a fantastic addition to a new upcoming Western INDIE film Soundtrack! I could even picture this track in an animation flick! A Disney movie too!

A Johnny Cash vibe, with Jim Morrison-The Doors; background-dreamy folk tone.

This song would be perfect for a Country bar or restaurant, playlist. Even better, have Joe play LIVE at your next music artist gig/event! Experience Joe’s musical talent for yourselves!

I want to Thank Joe for teaming up with me in this review. Your music is going to bring so many music fans, so much joy and happiness!

I want to add this note here, myself. Joe plays live music on his Joe Borowsky Facebook group most Mondays and Thursdays, weekly. I have attended online concerts of Joe’s; and I have watched Joe’s positive music, bless his fans with bringing everyone in the online room, together as one. A group of strangers, singing together, chatting, laughing, and requesting more and more of Joe’s original and cover songs! Joe is an excellent performer and he is such a positive and inspiring musician to watch. Please join Joe and myself in his weekly Facebook lives at 7pm Pacific Time and 10pm Eastern Time: Most Mondays/Thursdays! Fun chat, and great tunes!

Joe would like to Thank his music fans for their support with his new album: Belief.

Countrynatblogs would like to Thank her blog fans for reading, liking, and sharing her writing and stories! You are the best!

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie.

Thank You for reading our interview! ~Natalie & Joe.

Joe Borowsky Contact Information:

To listen to Joe’s new album: BELIEF. Saturday August 11th, 2018. Available worldwide! ITunes, Amazon, Google play and Spotify.

To Pre-Order Joe Borowsky’s NEW album: BELIEF:



Official Website:


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