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Denis Coleman Music. Music Artist Review/Interview.

Article written by:

Natalie Ogilvie.


Music Artists/ Reviews/Inspirational People/Blogger.

Victoria BC Canada



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Welcome to Countrynatblogs, Denis Coleman!

In photo: Denis Coleman/Singer/Songwriter/Music Artist. 🇺🇸🇬🇧

Denis Coleman’s Music/story interview, with Countrynatblogs:

Hi Denis! Thank You for the interview! Let’s get started!

How old are you, Denis?

• 15 years old.

Where were you born and where do you currently reside now?

• I was Born and I grew up in New Jersey, USA; until age 5, and I now live in London, England.

Who are your musical influences?

• Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Max Martin, Dr Dre, and Usher.

Do you have training in music or attended music school?

• I’ve been playing instruments since age 5. I now play the violin, viola, piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele! I attend Royal College Of Music/junior department, for past 5 years.

Do you write your own music? Do you sing cover songs?

• I write my own songs/lyrics and I also perform cover songs.

I won the Songwriter of the Year, from an open mic Competition! I have also performed at other assorted live gigs; and I have many exciting things coming up in the fall, 2018, to be announced!

What Genre of music do you perform, sing and write?

• Pop/R&B Music.

What is the hardest part about performing for a crowd?  What are your challenges, if any?

• I love performing so much! I guess the biggest challenge is judging the energy level of the crowd, and whether they want to dance, or relax.

Where do you record your songs/music?

• At a local recording studio, here in London, England.

Do you have a Music Manager, Producer, Record label, personal hair dresser, wardrobe designer, personal shopper, Publicist? Who’s on your team?

• I have a Manager, and I have worked with many Producers. As well, I have a performance coach; vocal coach, and a dance coach, on my music production team.

What are your future goals for your music career? Where do you see yourself one day, musically?

• Being the next big name, selling out arenas, going platinum and hopefully inspiring and helping people with my music.

Music Review:

• Colour – MNEK feat. Hailee Steinfeld (Denis Coleman cover).

YouTube video.

Cover by Denis, professionally playing piano, while keeping the soft/smooth beat, with fabulous pitch perfect modulated vocal mix. A friendly, entertaining, talented Pop/RNB music artist! Similar musical sound to Justin Bieber/Sam Smith, and Justin Timberlake. Denis is going to make it to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, with his own star! I believe that! Well done, Denis!

• Back to you – Selena Gomez (Denis Coleman cover).

YouTube video.

Cover by Denis, which is my favorite, cheerful cover, of Denis’!

Mastered Falsetto singing, with exceptional interaction of vocal tone and piano playing!

A warm, opening introduction/closing speech. Inspirational lasting impression, that will have fans excitedly waiting for Denis’ next song hit! This artist invites you back to his live streams and I find that so very welcoming and that makes me want to go find his next video, right away!

Brilliant, Breath taking, and a must see!

Watch Denis at 1:48 in this video! He stops playing the piano to conduct himself, with his hand; as he sings his own confident version of this American Singer Songwriter, Selena Gomez’s song! A great music artist who sings cover songs, is fantastic when they can “feel” the music and it moves them, as if they wrote the piece, themselves. This is a perfect example of being moved by music!

Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth and Harry Styles’ Fans, will love Denis’ music and especially this cover track!

Have a listen:

Thank You Denis, for sharing your amazingly talented music with us! I have enjoyed writing your interview and I wish you more success in your music career, in the future! You are off to a great start!

I’m pretty sure, Denis; I’ll be watching you soon, performing right next to Justin Bieber on stage! When you do, I’ll be there in the crowd; cheering you on, while writing up your NEW write up, update, Live!! YES!!! I’ll help you make this dream come true!

Let’s update our interview soon! ~Natalie.

Denis would like to Thank his music fans, and supporters.

Countrynatblogs would like to Thank her blog fans for reading, liking, and sharing her writing and stories! You are the best!

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie.

Thank You for reading our interview! ~Natalie & Denis.

Denis Coleman’s Contact Information:

Instagram @deniscolemanmusic

YouTube: Denis Coleman Music.

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