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I’m not scared with you.

I’m unwinding from a long, rewarding, pleasant and tiring; work day. Today was full of chat, sharing stories and fun!!

Tonight after my LIVE at Willows beach, Victoria BC; I came home to happy puppies, lemon water, and my family chilling out.

I was so sore from the aches and pains after drumming live ( first time in 2 weeks), that my body was screaming at me: “Go for a hot tub!!” So of course, I must listen to my body, right!?

All alone and jets massaging my body, bubbles and an aqua blue glow. I was at my own backyard spa. I actually was thinking to myself, (under the stars and planets/moon), that I was so happy, I could cry! Tears of joy! I was floating around in the hot tub waves from the breeze, like a fish in a tropical lake. It was quiet, and the only thing I could hear was my body saying “Thank You for taking care of me!”

I slowly dragged my super floppy, relaxed body, up the house stairs and inside to get myself ready for bed.

I was blow drying my hair and all of a sudden I gasped out loud! My anxiety went into full blown spiral of gut wrenching emotions!

I was thinking about how one day when it snows ( not that far away I guess), that I hate driving in the snow! Donuts ( or spins on the snow), seem fun but dangerous and though I don’t do that wild driving unless I wipe out into a snow bank! Steep hills on the island ( Vancouver Island), here! Donuts happen often on most streets, here in the Winter season; and I’m not talking about Tim Hortons! Ha!

I guess I was stressed about thinking when I have to drive across town to drive my youngest to school etc and other appointments for the family, that requires driving in any icy snow weather…snow donuts and warm coffee, weather! I just don’t like snow combined with slippery tires and sliding around on busy roads!

I soon thought to myself, “ya know what!?” I won’t be alone and I won’t be scared anymore like every Winter/every year! I’m just going to be hands free, film a live and my fans will get me out of the donuts and the snow banks and keep me calm on my cross town car rides! Yeah! Last year, I didn’t even have this thought in my mind, as Countrynatblogs wasn’t even existing!

Today, I had a lot of new and long time Fans, Thank me for being so positive and making them laugh, smile, and introducing them to new music/people, and stories! I do feel special, really special! Why? Well, I have had almost six months to be the role of a messenger! I get to be that angel that floats around ( in her hot tub too), and deliver good thoughts, happy stories, and creates a better place in this world for everyone! I get to connect everyone together! Like a big life celebration party and I’m hosting the WORLD!

My life is completely changed, but let me tell you all; it’s for the better and I’m soooo Thankful! You fans, artists, readers, and supporters; have pulled me out of a depression and anxiety grieving life, of my old self of missing my best friend so much. She didn’t leave the world last year, without leaving me behind. Everyday there are messages of reminders, inspiration and Hope; in my life. Kristi is still here and there. We are here today together, because she told me to share my writing with the world. So I did this February 2018! Little did I know, my writing would touch so many hearts and homes, internationally!

At the end of my Wednesday, I want you to know some of my thoughts, I find them important to having a happy, love filled life! Life is short. We all have a purpose today and tomorrow. We woke up with a heart beat to move our bodies though this world and find our passions and our purpose. Some days feel like forever, and other days forever feels like today! Some days we don’t understand our feelings or our life and direction. That’s okay. We have others around us to share with and connect with and help us figure out who we really are and why we are here on this planet.

At the end of each day, know you are loved. Know you are one of a kind. You will never have this day ever again, not even tomorrow. Count your blessing and record them to look back on. Write your thoughts and memories down. One day, that might be all you have to remember your day where you achieved so much. Some days are relaxing and we feel unaccomplished but we did have a chill day as our body rests and recovers and heals. We all need this kind of day and often.

Our bodies are like robots! They will go and go and do tasks all day, but as soon as the battery gets worn out, the robot ( brain/body) start to slow down. Our energy fades and our mind’s fall asleep. We can’t go strong every day! We have to let someone else help us, even if we are totally capable of doing this task, ourselves. That’s okay, someone can stay busy and helping you out, that’s totally alright. Return the favour when you can. You’ll find yourself feeling amazing, if you do!

A happy mind is a happy body! Keep your brain; active!! Thinking, dreaming, imagining, learning, and most of all, take care of it. Talk, write, sing, rest, and dance. Release all the stress from your mind, and watch your body feel youthful again!

When you are in charge of your mind, you are in charge of your path and your journey! Believe you are here, because you are needed, and you are here to help others!

As you rest your head on a pillow tonight, or wherever you fall asleep, remember that we are all under one sky, one moon and one sun. We are all connected around the world!

We all feel depression and anxiety at some point in our lives. We just need to know how to recognize it and how to deal with it. I say, write it down, talk it out, and don’t forget to tell yourself you are still here; and your heart is beating to remind you to just breathe and live in the moment and enjoy your life, for today.

When I was in my hot tub, after I turned off the jets, and the hot tub glowing lights; I floated on my back. I looked up at the midnight stars and I felt like I was floating up in the universe. It was a lovely moment and a grateful reminder to enjoy this time alone and float my worries away. I sure did!

I had to write to you all after feeling stressed about driving in Winter snow, because my purpose in life is to spread positivity and messages to help others. So I hope that those of you that had a stressful day, today; know that I appreciate you more than any good day, more than any cheesecake or coffee I had today!!

More than my relaxing hot tub! You fans are the reason why my life feels better now and so full of happiness.

Thank You for reading, listening, and making me smile and laugh. If I could hug you all, I would. I’ll at least send you a virtual hug and a letter to read by me.

I hope you all found some time today to have fun!

Bless you all. You beautiful people, you!

Love, Natalie.

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie.

Countrynatblogs Author/Blogger/Writer/Broadcaster. Victoria BC, Canada.

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