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Emily Franke Music Artist Review/Interview.

Emily Franke 🇺🇸

Article written by:

Natalie Ogilvie.


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From Chicago, IL, there is an Acoustic Pop, Singer Songwriter; that I found performing in a live stream on Periscope. Soft vocals, and unique singing; along with Acoustic guitar playing; is a treat for all of us to listen too! Here is her sweet, American, musical, story!

Please welcome Emily Franke to Countrynatblogs!

Emily’s interview:

Who are your music influences that you admire?

• My biggest musical influences are Vance Joy, Tori Kelly, Taylor Swift, Dodie and Rusty Clanton. I really try to take and learn a little bit from every one of my favorite artists. Vance Joy has this energy and happiness in his music I love, Tori Kelly’s vocals are phenomenal, Taylor Swift and Dodie both have songwriting styles I like a lot and keep it acoustic and simple and Rusty has so much emotion in all of his music. Every one of these qualities makes these artists unique and makes them my favorite, so I try to emulate that as much as possible!

Do you have training in music or attended music school?

• I always sang in multiple choirs in high school and did a little music theory, but I never had formal guitar lessons. In the 6th grade I got my first guitar because Taylor Swift made me want to learn how to play.  She’s definitely the reason I write music and play guitar now. So I tried to learn in the 6th grade through Google, but my hands were very small so I picked up an ukulele first and then after getting the hang of that, eventually guitar!

Do you write your own songs/lyrics? Do you sing cover songs?

• When I started playing guitar and uke, I only did cover songs (of course, a lot of Taylor Swift) but it was never really that fulfilling to play other peoples music, I wanted to be able to express my own writing style. So I started writing songs in Jr. High. Lyrics are almost always what come to me first while writing, and I have so many written down from back then that just make me cringe today! I kept writing, and while I know my music isn’t amazing I know I’ve come a long way from where I started. I write all my songs about my life and things that are currently happening to me, it just feels more honest for me to write about something relevant to what I am feeling at that moment!

Where do you record your music/songs?

• I record all my demos in my room or in my dorm room, and to be honest for me that is the worst part of the process, as I much prefer the writing and creating. I am not an engineer or anything like that, so I just stick to basic demos but I’ll occasionally pull out the piano for more electronic tracks! I am going to be recording in an actual studio very soon though, I am putting out finished tracks and new music at the end of July hopefully!

What are your future goals for your music career? Where do you see yourself one day, musically?

• Music always seems unpredictable to me, I am studying to be an actress right now and I would love nothing more than for music to be a big part of my life. That’s why I started and continue to share my music on social media platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify and Bandcamp. It is exciting to surround yourself with people who listen to what you create and also create their own art as well. I love that people can relate to and feel something from music and I know different kinds of music has guided me through many different parts of my life. I would love for my music to do that for others as well!! If not guide per say, at least accompany them on the journey.

Music Review:

• Lavender Coffee-Original.


Folky vibe, upbeat Pop song, with mellow acoustic guitar strumming. Fabulous vocals of a Jazzy Blues vibe. A fantastic song to listen to in your car on a road trip, or while you are relaxing at home. Super catchy, with addictive lyrics that you just want to listen to while you sip your morning coffee!

Have you had Lavender coffee before?

This song would be the right fit for a tv commercial or advertisement background song. Have a listen!

• Eden-Original.


A fifty’s folk vibe, with smooth vocals, and a gentle raspy edge to the singing. This song also has a nineties feel, and similarities to Alanis Morissette, Dido, and Vanessa Carlton style. This song would be so much fun to watch live! I can picture this piece, performed at a folk festival or in a beach front restaurant. Well done, Emily! A cool, original, flowing, Summer tune!

Thank You Emily for the interview and music!

Emily would like to Thank her Music Fans!

Natalie would like to Thank her Countrynatblogs Fans for your ongoing support with her writing.

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!” ~Natalie Ogilvie.

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