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Codie Prevost Music Artist Review/Interview.


Article written by:

Natalie Ogilvie.


Music Artists/ Reviews/Inspirational People/Blogger.

Victoria BC Canada



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Welcome to Countrynatblogs!

My next music artist is a Canadian; a Country Singer/Songwriter/Musician, and the frontman of a 4 member Saskatchewan, Canada, band.

Please welcome

Codie Prevost, to Countrynatblogs!

In photo: Codie Prevost ( middle) with his band.

Codie and myself, have been chatting about his musical story, of how he became the talented musician, he is today! I am honored to share Codie’s inspiring music journey with you music fans!

Codie Prevost’s Interview:

Where were you born and raised?

I grew up in the small town of Archerwill, Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s a town of approximately 300 people. My mom owns the small town bar and my dad farms 3000 acres nearby the town.

Who are your music influences that you admire?

My biggest influence from a performance and musician aspect, would be Keith Urban. When it comes to songwriting Eric Church is definitely at the top of my list.

Do you have training in music or attended music school?

I’m mostly self-taught when it comes to music. When I was 12 years old I took a few guitar lessons from a guitar player named Larry who lived in and owned a small shop in my hometown. In High School I learnt to play harmonica as part of art class. It was the only class I ever got 100% in.

Do you write your own songs/lyrics? Do you sing cover songs?

I do write my own lyrics and music. Songwriting enables an artist to tell their story and connect with people around the world who’ve had similar experiences. The band and I perform these original songs in the live show, but also like to throw a few cover songs in the set as it really adds an extra element when it comes to getting the crowd involved.

Do you play shows, have a band, solo artist, and other info to tell me about your performances?

I always try to engage with the crowd in my live shows. From dancing, to singing, to even auctioning off the band; I really try to include the audience as much as possible. I believe it is truly about the fans, so my goal is to make them feel appreciated and go away having made memories that last a long time.

What type of Genre of music, would you describe yourself, and your band interests?

I mostly perform country music. My music career started when I started a punk rock band with a few friends in High School. We performed covers by Blink 182, Green Day, and other punk rock bands. I eventually bought an acoustic guitar and found my way into country music by learning Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. I do enjoy all genres of music and find inspiration from different styles.

What instruments are used in your band?

The band consists of 4 members right now. I play guitar and harmonica in the show. The other band members consist of a guitar player, drummer, and a bass player. It’s an awesome dynamic and we’ve been performing together for awhile so it makes it a lot of fun when it comes to trying new things on stage.

Where do you record your music/songs?

My first 2 albums “The Road Ahead” and “SPIN 6-PAK Vol.1” were recorded in Nashville, my last 2 albums “Get Loud” and “All Kinds Of Crazy” in Vancouver, and my new album “RADIO” was recorded using a more collaborative method where players were hired all over the world and the tracks were put together, one piece at a time. With the new method it really helped me develop a vision and sense for my musical direction.

Music review:


An upbeat, energizing, catchy, dancing tune! A professionally recorded piece, with drums, bass and guitars, complementing Codie’s heartwarming singing. Background harmonies, accent this Country rockin’ song!

If you love Keith Urban, and Eric Church, then you are going to be excited to listen to this original Canadian ensemble. I love this song of Codie’s! Amazing!

• SOMEDAY- Official Music Video:

An inspiring written, original song. A Country vibe jam, that would be the perfect background music to any drama movie soundtrack! Guitar strums, bass, drums, and Codie’s magnificent vocals; is the song you want to hear often, to remind us that music heals the soul!

Its a heart felt, powerful lyrical song; that has many positive messages, in the musical story video. Soothing, calming, relaxing by the fire, or a candle lit dinner, tune. Blake Shelton/Luke Bryan fans, add this to your Country playlist, for your campfire evenings!

• ALL KINDS OF CRAZY-Official Music Video:

A fun, cheerful, Country song with a hilarious music video! You have to see it for yourself!

This song is perfect for a back yard get together, Summer backyard BBQ, or in your Western Country line dancing class! Eighties rock guitar solos, keyboard mixes, Bass and drums; bring this groovin’ song to life!

Another soundtrack for your next award winning film!

Turn it up, as it’s going to get you up dancing and shaking.

Thank You to Codie, for a fabulous story, interview and sharing his impressive music with us all. You are a gift in the music world!

Codie wants to Thank his music fans for their support.

Natalie wants to Thank her Countrynatblogs Fans/supporters! Thank You for reading all of my inspiring Articles and stories! Thank You for sharing my writing with your friends, and around the world!

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie.

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