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Will Moore Music Artist Review Interview.

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From London England, there is an Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist! A solo artist, with exceptional guitarist skills!

Inspired by music icons such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Nirvana, and Radiohead.

I discovered this musician on Periscope this past Spring, and I was a fan of his music and positive vibe, instantly! I highly recommend following this artist on his Social Media accounts!

Please welcome Will Moore!

Here is Will’s interview with me, in Will’s own words:

I was born and raised in South London. I’ve lived in London all my life though I currently live right on the London/Essex border.

There are so many influences on my music – some solo guitarists like Andy McKee, Clive Carroll and Andrew York; but also musicians and bands who may not be such an explicit influence in the music I’m playing but definitely shaped my listening and writing as I was growing up. In my teens I listened to Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead; but I’ve always listened to Classical music and I used to play a lot of Blues – I love B.B. King’s sound. There aren’t many genres of music that I dislike. I try to listen to as much as possible which really helps when people have requests during my live Periscope.

I write solo acoustic guitar stuff – mostly on my steel string, but I’ve been using my nylon string more and more. I love arranging other people’s songs for guitar, and people always respond really well to that but the stuff I want to promote and get people listening to is my own compositions.

My style is usually referred to as Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar; which really just means I play guitar with my fingers (rather than a pick). It also implies a technique or dexterity often used in Folk music where the fingers and thumb on the picking hand are playing the strings independently so you can pick out melodies, chords and bass lines simultaneously. I occasionally delve into percussive guitar territory; where you use parts of your arm and hand to tap out drum like rhythms on the guitar while playing, but a lot of my stuff is fairly chilled and doesn’t rely too heavily on the percussive stuff.

I’ve been writing and recording this stuff for just over a year. I’ve played guitar since I was 8, but it’s only recently (after seeing Clive Carroll perform) that I chose to take it seriously and put stuff online. I’ve been learning more about the possibilities of recording and releasing my own stuff and have read about other guitarists who are making a living from streaming revenues, cd sales and online tuition/tutorial videos without leaving the house. As a father of 3 small children; I’m not looking at touring or regular gigging, but I’m inspired by the idea I could earn a living from writing and recording these tracks – that would be a future I’d be ok with!


1.  Through The Rain. (Original).


Soft, acoustic strums; with outstanding finger plucking playing of the guitar strings, and without a pick being used. Pleasant, mellow piece, with a skilled folk vibe. Have a listen and you’ll hear many musical notes chiming in with different chords, which sound similar to many instruments, performing together. One guitar, one song, one fabulous guitarist; and a whole lot of relaxing music to listen to when it rains! Sit by the fire, sip some tea, coffee or your favourite drink; and let Will wash away your stressful day with his one of a kind, original, calming song. Two thumbs up and a cup of coffee to cheers with, for this 10/10 excellent song, from Countrynatblogs!

2.   Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder cover).


Entertaining, professionally filmed music video. I am fascinated by Will’s shredding skills, as his fast hands sliding up and down the guitar neck; creating crisp, clear and classic guitar tones! This cover sounds absolutely fantastic! I am blown away at the fact that I am only listening to one instrument again.  A rich sounding guitar, with a pleasant/in tune guitar performance. I would love to watch Will play all day, and I am looking forward to seeing Will perform live some more on Periscope! I am inspired to pick up my acoustic guitar now and try some new chords too!

“Well done, Will! You are very talented and I wish you well in your musical adventure!” ~Natalie.

Will would like to Thank his Music fans and Supporters.

Thank You WILL for the inspiring interview. I’m your new fan, forever!

I would also like to Thank my Countrynatblogs fans for your endless love and cheering me on; with my writing/blogs and Social Media fan support. You are awesome!

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie. Countrynatblogs.

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    • Hi Will!:) Thank You for your story, interview, and sharing your music with myself and Countrynatblogs’ fans! I wish you all the best in your musical journey.
      Thank You for your link!
      Natalie ♥️👩🏻‍💻🎶⭐️


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