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Brad Urba Music Artist Review/Interview.

Article written by:

Natalie Ogilvie.


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My next Music Review Artist is from North Hollywood, LA, USA.

A multi-talented, powerful vocal singer, professional/original, Songwriter! This Artist has mastered a variety of beats and vocal track achievements, as he plays many different Genres of music in his own songs! I am very impressed with his songs I have reviewed and heard!! I can’t wait to share his story and music with you! Let’s get this story started!

Please welcome


I recently interviewed Brad, and here is what he had to say about his music and inspirations.

Brad’s interview:

• In Brad’s own words:

I was born in Miami Florida, though a lot of my life has been spent divided between Gaithersburg Maryland, Portland Oregon and now, where I currently live, North Hollywood California, USA.

I initially started as a lyricist writing Rap/Hip-Hop songs to other artist’s instrumentals but I knew, if I wanted to pursue a career in music, I would need to start writing my songs to original music. With this in mind, I taught myself how to play the keyboard and purchased enough recording equipment to be able to produce songs on, and of, my own. 

I write all my own songs and lyrics and, while I don’t perform any covers, I have been trying to teach myself to sing other artist’s songs in an attempt to stretch my vocal range and become a better singer. I’ve been singing for a few years and have only started to write in different genres for about a year and a half.  

Currently, I’m all over the map when it comes to writing… Country, Pop, Rock, EDM, Rap to name a few. The freedom of seeing myself as more than a rapper has been a huge step in the evolution of me as an artist. I, unknowingly, limited my creativity for a very long time and now that I’ve opened myself to the possibility of writing in different genres, I feel the same passion for music that I did when I first started writing. It’s been a beautiful and life altering experience. 

One of the biggest reasons I’ve started writing in different genres is because of my wife, Masaya. Together, we went to The Stagecoach Festival, a huge outdoor country music festival and for the weeks leading up to it she constantly played country music throughout the house in order to familiarize us with the bands that were playing. This is where I started to become influenced by artists like Chris Stapleton, Elle King, Jamestown Revival and Anderson East. In fact, most of the music I listen to comes from my wife. She is my research muse. She is always finding artists that she thinks will, and that do, inspire me. 

Another person responsible for my genre shift is Chris Hayman of Sonic Gods. Him and I started working on music about 2 years ago. When we started, it was to rework some of my old Rap/Hip-Hop songs to update the music production and give them a more current vibe.  We recreated the music to one of my songs and it had a very acoustic rock & country vibe.  Inspired by the music, and the time I spent at Stagecoach, I decided to write ‘Cheers To More Love’ the first song I ever wrote and recorded that didn’t have any rap in it. From there, Chris and I have been creating songs in just about every popular genre there is.  Chris has driven me to become a better artist, continually creating music to compliment my various styles of writing and allowing me to truly express myself as an artist while continuing to release professional quality songs.  I’m very lucky to have connected with such a talented musician and producer.

Right now, I’m working on building a bigger community around my music using Instagram and my website.  I’m hoping to increase my exposure on social media; which will lead to more people hearing my music and joining me on Spotify/Instagram, and engaging with me. Michelle Delamor of No Girl Left Behind, has been a major contributor in teaching me how to navigate the Social Media world.  She is an amazingly talented singer herself; who runs an amazing group, No Girl Left Behind, dedicated to unite young women and show them the importance of building strong bonds of sisterhood.

Once I build a big enough community, I will start doing shows again.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the stage and since reinventing myself as an artist, I haven’t had the chance to perform.  I’m currently trying to figure out what my live show would look like.  Depending on the genre, I think my Country/Rock shows will have a full band playing with me; with background singers with lights and some sort of stage visuals. My other genres of Pop/Rap/EDM would probably consist of a drummer; a keyboardist, a dj who can run other live elements of the show, background singers, lights, visuals and potentially some dancers.  That would be exciting!

My future goals, lofty as they may be; are to have a platinum selling song/album in each genre of Country, Rock, Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop, and EDM. As well, traveling the world performing, inspiring and impacting people in a positive way with my music. I also want to raise a lot of money for multiple charities across the globe.  I aim to donate at least 50% of all profits from the sales of my songs to various charities.  I still need to figure out how to get that up and running but I did find a site called which I currently have my latest release ‘The Way Down’ selling on.  100% of those sales will go to support The Trevor Project. I will be putting my other releases on the site as well.  Hopefully I can help make a difference!

“Brad, you have a voice that can heal people, and a warm heart of gold! You rock!” ~Natalie. 

For all you music fans out there, to get to know me better, well…I’m goofy.  I’m really like a big kid. I’m on a baseball team, in a bowling league and am always looking for fun activities to explore. My friends and my family, are majorly important to me and I try to fill my life with them as much as I can.  The support of my family has been instrumental in my progress as a songwriter.  Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am, where I am or the songwriter I am today. Family is everything.  

Brad’s Music Review.

Note: To listen to Brad’s songs, please visit his website and search Videos/Releases.

•The Way Down:

A moving, soul searching lyrical song. Powerful story sung by Brad.

Imagine Dragons, Billy Talent, and Fall Out Boy; Fans, are going to love this tune! A mixture of these three bands with an unique twist of Brad’s own music!

The guitar solo, is short and sweet. I love this song!

•Let Me In:

80’s Pop/Electronic Dance Fans! This is your song! Keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and a clubbing dance beat!

This is my favourite song of Brad’s music, although I’m a fan of all of Brad’s masterpieces!

Summer hit awaits you! Crank this One Republic/Moby/Cold Play comparison, song! Perfect song for your long road trips, in your car!

•Cheers To More Love:

Here’s a perfect example of ALL the Genres that Brad can sing, all into one cool song! This is your beach/house party Jam, song!

This is the first song I heard of Brad’s, that motivated me to contact Brad and write about him!

3 Doors Down/ Luke Bryan fans, I have found your new hit for your new music to discover! It’s Country-Rock and grooving!

*NEW* Music:

Brad gave me a sneak peek listen, at some of his amazing upcoming NEW Music! It’s full of heavy bass, powerful strong vocals, upbeat Country mix with violin/drums/rockin’ guitar riffs! If you love a West Coast Grunge-Rock-Country vibe, then stay tuned for Brad’s new releases later this month and another Single, later this year!

“Together we will go in the ‘WRITE’ direction!”~Natalie Ogilvie.

Thank You for reading and supporting Brad’s music! Natalie & Brad.

Brad Urba Contact Information:

Please visit Brad’s music and Social Media accounts at

* Brad’s songs are available on his website, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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